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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yeboahs left foot, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. ParisWhite

    ParisWhite Dooner Legend

    He's got some new gear.

  2. EastYorkie

    EastYorkie Hates Political Correctness

    I don't think he will have been over impressed with Izzy Brown in that match. Probably his worst game for the U23s. He has undoubted skill and talent but his attitude and workrate seem to be suspect, for whatever reason I don't know.

    TBF to Brown, it was the worst U23s performance I've seen this year. No one really looked to be on form, although some showed some flashes - Bogusz, Clarke spring to mind. Beradi was also solid, Strujik, Diaz didn't do that bad either. Its also worth saying, the team dug in and got a result - full marks for effort for a 10 man team. They really did have to work hard despite Brown hardly breaking into a sweat.

    Brown will probably still make the bench for Saturday on the basis that he probably won't have been tired out by his efforts anyway :)

    Still want to see Brown play for the first team at some point this season. You can see he has some 'class' but he needs to show the work rate as well to battle it out when things are not going your way. I can understand why Bielsa is reluctant to throw him on the pitch when most games it is a battle out there and we can't have someone who isn't pulling their weight.
  3. RLG

    RLG Dooner Legend

  4. hampshirewhite

    hampshirewhite Dooner Legend

    Weather looks bloody horrendous tomorrow.
    Could play apart.
  5. DAMO

    DAMO Senior Dooner

    Think you're absolutely right, the passing game could be hampered by the surface and any long balls by the wind.
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  6. Balby White

    Balby White Dooner Legend

    Yep, raining all night here and windy.

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  7. Eddie's Fat Uncle

    Eddie's Fat Uncle saiz matters

    How have we got on in the rain this season? There isn't a specific game that springs to mind, but I've got a vague recollection of being impressed at how well we handled bad conditions.
    @ParisWhite has probably got a list somewhere...
  8. Fieldsy

    Fieldsy Dooner Hero

    Just bought me membership :scar:
  9. RLG

    RLG Dooner Legend

    No brainer if you're not a ST holder. No way was I risking the chance of not getting to a game next year if we go up
  10. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Dunno but I remember stuffing Chelsea 4-0 & beating Milan in the pissing rain :D
  11. Fieldsy

    Fieldsy Dooner Hero

    Without sounding pig headed I reckon I could get a ticket for any game I wanted.

    £50 is mental really. Think club taking piss. Ga
  12. Batley_white

    Batley_white Administrator Staff Member

    Gold members are restricted to 1 ticket next year though aren't they which will make things more difficult for people
  13. Balby White

    Balby White Dooner Legend

    You want a ticket, buy a membership, ST don't need extra tickets either
  14. Luca

    Luca Senior Dooner

    Read my season ticket renewal document today, any season tickets that arent sold will be offered for sale but they'll sell the season tickets on like a home loyalty basis.
  15. StockportWhite

    StockportWhite Enjoys the smell of a freshly washed tuppence.

    Anyone else got that butterfly turny over thing in their bellies?
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  16. Fletch

    Fletch Scum. Sub human scum.

    Wasn't it wazzing down when we won at their place?
  17. Balby White

    Balby White Dooner Legend

  18. DAMO

    DAMO Senior Dooner

    Yeah, its massive but still more twists regardless. Got to give credit to Sheff Utd and Wilder in particular. Some season they are having and they play some very good counter attacking football. Would much rather us and Sheff U went up than us and Norwich. Think we will win tomorrow but cant see there being more than one goal in it.
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  19. StockportWhite

    StockportWhite Enjoys the smell of a freshly washed tuppence.

    My thoughts exactly mate.
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  20. StockportWhite

    StockportWhite Enjoys the smell of a freshly washed tuppence.

    Back off!

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